ScubaScoot... from Heps Diving Virtual Systems


REZ your Scooter on the water Surface and Right click and choose "Board".


Keyboard Arrows : Forward (Up), Bacward (Down), Right, Left to move
PgUpPgDown to dive or ascent...
Forward & Backward at the same time = emergency brake

You can left click the ScubaScoot to get the COMMAND MENU (Lights, Text, Helmet, ...).
Power: gives a landMark to Refill station (REZ the scooter close to the station and click the station)
HUD: givesyou a HUD with water depth information, compass, and more ...
Helmet Gives you a diving Helmet, accept the attach proposal
Lights On/Off : to turn on off the lights ...
MaxSpeed : to adjust maximum speed
Text On/Off : to set on or off the hovering text



This Scooter exists as REZZER Version for land owners.


ScoobaScooter by Heps


Last Updated (Wednesday, 24 March 2010 22:28)

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