Sea Turtles, free swimmer

Sharks, Eels, Squids, Fishes are configured the same way,
only the fishes, turtles and squids dont attack people.


For those who don't like messing with complex directions, you may simply rez your turtle in the water and watch him swim! You may find the following commands useful:

1: REZ the Turtle Rezzer.

2: If you want to use multiple turtles, use one rezzer by turtle.

3: Left Click the Rezzer (if you have several REZZERS, please wait for the yellow message above the turtle's head before clicking the next rezzer.

4: To delete all your turtles in the sim, shout (or say): /3333 kill turtle (3333 is a common channel for all your turtles)


To change swim settings and other features, keep reading.


PART 1 - DEFAULT SETTINGS ------------------------------------

To edit your turtle's default settings, open the Settings notecard in the Contents tab of your Rezzer. Be VERY CAREFUL when editing this notecard - you may want to save an extra copy before modifying anything. You turtle will be stopped by any objects which would stop an avatar, so the simplest way to keep him in line is to simply box him in.

REZ one rezzer for each turtle you want to REZ.

You can use a Rezzer to rez mutliple turtles on the same chat channel, but it is not a good idea. You must set one rezzer per turtle.

Chat channel is set in the REZZER description. Default is 88, but this channel is used only in the first few seconds when the turtle is rezzing. After a short time, the rezzer gives a unique random CHAT Channel to its turtles. If you prefer a specific fixed CHAT Channel for you turtle rezzers, just change it in the Object Description (in the rezzer, replace the 88 according to your personnal channel). When channel is set, just click the rezzer, it will show you the channel, click a second time to rez the turtle.

As the turtles are getting their chat channel only a few seconds after they are rezzed, if you want to REZ multiple turtles, wait for the Yellow Hover Text saying Channel xx over the turtle's head.

Also set the Notecard in the rezzer before clicking it the first time (if you want to change the default settings). To find the Notecard, roght click the rezzer and go in the content tab.


MAX DISTANCE This is for setting your turtle to swim in a CUBE-SHAPED area. Set these high if you desire a sphere-shaped area instead, as the turtle will default to the lower of the two settings.
This will keep your turtle confined within a 34 by 84 meter area centered around its rez point. (The Zmax is taken from the MinAlt and MaxAlt values.)
*Note: Be sure to cut your total space in half and place the turtles in the center.


MAX SIM COORDINATES By default, these numbers keep your turtle from leaving the sim, but they can be set to limit it to a much smaller area if neccessary. Setting these can help keep your turtles from eating the neighbors.
*Note: Make your max numbers are higher than your min numbers.


ALTITUDE This determines where your turtle will swim. By default, the turtle is set to swim between sea level and the bottom of the sim. MinAlt is the sea floor and MaxAlt is the surface of the Linden water when they are set to zero. If you don't want him to go quite that low or high, you can change these settings, but for the most part don't touch them. If you want to REZ your turtles in a Tank beetween 50 meters and 55 meters high, just set MinAlt=50, MaxAlt=55.


MAX RADIUS This is for setting your turtle to swim in a SPHERE-SHAPED area. Set these high if you desire a cube-shaped area instead, as the turtle will default to the lower of the two settings.
This will keep your turtle swimming in a sphere with a diameter of 34 meters.
*Note: Be sure to cut your total space in half and place the turtles in the center.


SPEED Your turtle is set to a minimum swimming speed of 1, and a maximum speed of 20. This means he will choose a random speed from between those numbers each time he changes direction. If you wish to change this, please be sure the minimum speed does not exceed the maximum speed.


DIRECTION CHANGE You can set how frequently your turtle changes direction. The higher the number, the more 'nervous' he will be, and the more frequently he will change. Example: Nervous=5


BEHAVIOR Defensive - Do not change this setting for the Turtles. Vulnerable - Whether your turtles can be injured (in combat sims only).


Health - How much damage a turtle can take before it dies.


Blood - Whether your turtles emit blood when attacking or injured. HitPoints - Do not change this setting for the Turtles. Verbose - This allows you to turn on or off messages displayed on chat, shout or whisper (Threat, injury warnings, etc).
*Note: A turtle with Verbose=N will still notify you by IM if it is killed or de-rezzed by the sim.


PART 2 - CHAT COMMANDS ------------------------------------

Your turtles listen on a random channel number given by the rezzer. This means that to speak to them, you must type "/channel_number " in front of every command you give them. These commands will generally not be seen by other avatars. You comminucate with a turtle by its channel... So note the channel when your Turtle is rezzing the first time.

If you want to communicate with ALL turtles at the same time ----- use the /3333 channel

You can see what channel turtles and rezzers are using by typing the command /3333 show channel, a text will appear over the objects. To remove the text, just type in chat /3333 hide channel.

All features in the notecard can be changed via chat command, just say:
"/channel_number command,state" in the following examples, we will use "88" as example channel number.

IMPORTANT : the commands are temporary commands : the turtles are auto-deleted and re-rezzed every 48 hours, so they will go back to their rezzer's notecard settings !!!

To change radius (Rmax) to 15 meters, type
/88 rmax,15 .

*Note that only turtles which can hear these commands will listen. If your turtles are out of range, you may need to shout.


By default, your turtle is set to Verbose=Y, which means that when it detects an avatar neary, it will display a whispered threat message. When it takes damage, it will shout and tell you so. However, if you wish to turn off these messages, you may do so either in the Settings notecard, or using the chat commands:
/88 verbose,y
/3333 verbose,y
/88 verbose,y
/3333 verbose,n
When verbose is off, you will still receive IM messages if your turtle dies or de-rezzes for any reason.

Silent mode y/n, if set to "Y" the turtle will not ask the owner that it is dead or lost its PHYSIC Status
/88 silent,y
/3333 silent,y
/88 silent,y
/3333 silent,n

If you have forgotten lost the communication channel that your turtles are using, juste type "/3333 show channel", and a hovering text above each turtle and rezzer will appear. You can delete the message again by "/3333 hide channel".


REMEMBER: If you want your command confirmations, you need to set the silent mode to "n" (silent,n), you can set it temporary You can also see the channel of your rezzed turtles by typing /3333 show channel (floating text over head), or /88 to see the channel 88 turtles



Your turtle contains a complex script which is much like an AI - it will think its way around objects, through holes and into other sims if you are not careful. However, as detailed as it is, the script sometimes needs updating, and we've set that up for you. When you rez them, or periodically if they remain rezzed, your turtles will check to see if we have an update for them. If we do, the updated turtle wil be automatically sent to you! Simply delete all of your old turtles and replace them with the new ones. *Note: Take a copy of your old turtle's Settings notecard, and use it to adjust the new ones to your preferred parameters. We recommend that you NOT simply replace the new card with the old one, as the update may also include updates to the notecard.
*** NOTE : to avoid some SL™ issues with PHYSICS enabled objects (like the turtles), the turtles will be killed and re-rezzed every 10 hour, this is an automated task. If your turtle dies for any reason (killed by avatar or parcell crossing with no perm), it will be also auto-rerezzed.

Please direct all questions not covered in this instruction manual to LouRavi Karas.




If you have lost your original settings, you can copy/paste this Original NoteCard content in your turtle :


//FIsh, Animal settings //Heps Virtual Dive systems - 2008
// *************************************************************************************************
// *************************************************************************************************
0oO Common (Turtle Group) Commands CHAT Channel Oo0
0oO Messages to Owner Oo0
//0oO Min and Max altitude (leave to ZERO => Sea Level and Ground Level) Oo0
MinAlt=0 MaxAlt=0
//0oO Max. Radius from starting Point (Wandering Zone = Sphere)
//NOTE : if you set all the variables : Xmax/Ymax/Zmax and Rmax, the most restrictive will be applied
//0oO Max. distance from starting Point (Wandering Zone = Cube) Oo0
//0oO Max. Coordinates in SIM Oo0
//0oO Speed setings (1 <-> 20) Oo0
//0oO Direction Change (1 => 10) Oo0
//0oO Behavior Oo0
0oO End Oo0

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