Fins are worn on the feet... Of course...


You also need the FINS CONTROL (part of the BCD HUD) : when on the ground, you Walk (with a special walk...) and when in Water you Swim. Thoses Fins are especially designed by Heps Virtual Dive Systems, based on the classic AO scripts. Animations are changing depending of your status IN or OUT of WATER. You can keep your FINS on your feet and walk on the ground, you will not swim in the street... Walk, Swim, Standing ... animations are included.


=> YOU MUST BE IN A SCRIPT ENABLED AREA if you want to use the FINS or HEAVY FOOTER Animation OverRider !


When wearing your FINS CONTROL, please be patient during the FIRST loading time. A CHAT message "Preparing to Walk and Dive with HEPS Virtual Dive System" will appear. All is loaded when "Ready to Walk" and "Ready to Swim" is writed in the CHAT Window.

If you want to swimm faster, just use the FLY option under water (clic the FLY button in SL™ interface). You can also see in the little round HUD a Loading message with the Heps Logo.


Simulation de plongée

The FINS CONTROL have 4 states "Loading", "Walk", "Swim" or "Fly", all have their own little explicit icon.

Those items are AO (Animation Overrider), so if you already use a AO for your walk, remove it before you wear your FINS. If you dont want to use your AO on the Fins, just type in the CHAT the following commands : /88 fins off, or simpler, just click the Blue Round Ican, and choose STOP in the Menu.


Other commands are :

Turn on the AO again :
/88 fins on


Reset the AO :
/88 fins reset

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