The Scuba Gear are provided in crates, including all necessary equipment for dive simulion in Second Life®. Click on the left Menu in this page to have the detailed information about each component.


Dive Simulation - Scuba Gear Dive Simulation - Scuba Gear Dive Simulation - Scuba Gear

Dive Simulation - Scuba Gear Dive Simulation - Scuba Gear Dive Simulation - Scuba Gear

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The BCDs are Existing in 2 sizes (S)mall or (L)arge, modifiable.

BCDs are attached on the chest. The Commands are attached on the ATH, bottom Left of the screen, with 2 working buttons like in Real Life + 1 Virtual Button. You'll find also a "Swim Speed Regulator", when you wear the BCD, the horizontal swim speed is set to SL™ , buy you can select RL, to slow it, like in Real Life. You can also set it to FAST...

It is your BCD that makes you go UP and Down in water, like in RL. Just use the Buttons on the inflator or PgUp / PgDown on your Keyboard to choose your buyoancy. Like in RL, there is a little delay between the command and the reaction, so be patient when you use it, but take care, when the ascent is starting, you will go faster and faster if you are in SIMULATION mode :


There is also a "virtual" button "A" (green, for -A-uto) or "S" (red, for -S-imulation). In (S)imulation mode, BCD works like in RL, for example : you have to inflate to go up, and to stop ascent, you have to purge. in (A)uto mode when you inflate, the ascent stops when you release the button (many divers would like it in RL ....).


You will also find a small round ICON for the FINS Animations state :


Fins BCD State


For more Info about FINS Animation, click HERE


When buying your BCD, you'll find 2 different ones in your invenrory : Small and Large. Just use the one that fit the best on your avatar.

BCDs are Modifiable, that means you can stretch them (bigger, NOT smaller) to adjust them regarding your avatar's chest. If you wear the Large BCD and it looks too big, just wear the Small One, and stretch it and adjust it on you body.

If you need to reduce your "Small BCD" size, you can edit separatly each part (Edit/Edit Linked parts), but DONT FORGET to make a COPY before Modify, no refund in case of problem.


To learn how to Stretch or modify an object, please reffer to the Second Life official site :




Commands : Inflator and Swim Speed Adjust


Dive Simulator - Inflator



Modern BCD

Virtual Dive NCD



Vintage Model - Fenzy like


Dive Simulation BCD Fenzy x4



Full BCD


Virtual Diver - Full BCD




Back Mounted BCD


Scuba Diving Second Life - Back Mounted BCD

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Fins are worn on the feet... Of course...


You also need the FINS CONTROL (part of the BCD HUD) : when on the ground, you Walk (with a special walk...) and when in Water you Swim. Thoses Fins are especially designed by Heps Virtual Dive Systems, based on the classic AO scripts. Animations are changing depending of your status IN or OUT of WATER. You can keep your FINS on your feet and walk on the ground, you will not swim in the street... Walk, Swim, Standing ... animations are included.


=> YOU MUST BE IN A SCRIPT ENABLED AREA if you want to use the FINS or HEAVY FOOTER Animation OverRider !


When wearing your FINS CONTROL, please be patient during the FIRST loading time. A CHAT message "Preparing to Walk and Dive with HEPS Virtual Dive System" will appear. All is loaded when "Ready to Walk" and "Ready to Swim" is writed in the CHAT Window.

If you want to swimm faster, just use the FLY option under water (clic the FLY button in SL™ interface). You can also see in the little round HUD a Loading message with the Heps Logo.


Simulation de plongée

The FINS CONTROL have 4 states "Loading", "Walk", "Swim" or "Fly", all have their own little explicit icon.

Those items are AO (Animation Overrider), so if you already use a AO for your walk, remove it before you wear your FINS. If you dont want to use your AO on the Fins, just type in the CHAT the following commands : /88 fins off, or simpler, just click the Blue Round Ican, and choose STOP in the Menu.


Other commands are :

Turn on the AO again :
/88 fins on


Reset the AO :
/88 fins reset

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Just wear them, they are attached on the Nose.

Some TECH Helmets or Masks are coming with integrated LIGHTS, with On/Off switch. 
You can also switch on or off in the CHAT window, just saying : 
"/14 on" or "/14 off" (without the " quotes).



Dive simulator Hard Hat Dive simulator Mask



Dive simulator Mask




Dive simulator Mask


Dive simulator Mask


Dive simulator Mask




You can choose the TANKS you want for your diving equipments. The TANKS are attached on the SPINE.

Note that the side TANKS on Tech Scuba Gears are part of the BCD, you choose them with the BCD Model. They are not "working".


If you have Heps intruments or computers, you can plug them to your tank. Each tank have its own default internal pressure and volume. To plug the Instruments to the tank, just use the CHAT Command : "/88 tank plug" (without the " quotes). Then, the instrument will display the tank values, and they will change in Real Time, depending of depth and breath volume/speed.


See instruments for more info...


Dive Simulation - Tank


In a Nitrox or Trimix tank, you can choose the O2 pressure.
Computers will use the values in real time, depending of depth


Dive Simulation - Tank




Rebreather is a special tank, recycling your air

No Bubbles in Regulator

Dive Simulation - Rebreather




Dive Simulation - Tank


Dive Simulation - Tank


Dive Simulation - Tank


Dive Simulation - Tank


Dive Simulation - Tank


Dive Simulation - Tank


Dive Simulation - Regulator


Bubbles are only starting when getting in water or stopping when you go 

back on the ground. Regulators are attached on the Mouth.

Note : Some regulators are part of the Scuba Mask (in Full Face Masks for 

















As in Real Life, the Rebreather's Regulator

is not making bubbles.


Simulateur de plongee - Detendeur



Mistral like Regulator

Cousteau Gagnan Suba Gear


Simulation de plongee - detendeur mistral





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