Depth Meter, 1930 Model,

no Max. Depth on this one.


Dive Simulation - Depth Meter 1930

from Hard Hat - Heavy Footer accessories





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DECO Computer


Virtual Dive - Deco computer


Real time working Deco computer. Nitrogen saturation in blood.
Bar Graph display. Warning on Max. Depth regarding O2 partial pressure.


You can set the O2%, stretch time scale and depth scale.


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Simulateur de plongee - Ordinateur


Worn on the top right of the Screen HUD (Head Up Display), the Computer gives you many informations in one instrument.
It is the Pressure Gauge + depth Meter + Compass, all in one.

The display is a digital screen, you can choose your Pressure unit (Bar or Psi) by CHAT command (see in list below).
You can read in real time on it the air consumption, depending of your depth, and the tank pressure.

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Dive Simulator - Compass


Worn on the bottom right of the Screen HUD (Head Up Display),
the Compass indicates you the direction you point at ( N, S, W, E, and degrees).

If needed, you can reset the script by typing '/88 compass reset' in CHAT window.



HEPS Manometer, Bar & Psi Pressure in real time.


Virtual Dive - manometer


HUD display, default parameters are 180 bars, 15 liters and breathing 20 Liters/Minute (at the surface).


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Depth Meter

Dive Simulation - Depth Meter


Worn on the to right of the Screen HUD (Head Up Display), Depth meter is giving actual diver's Depth (meters),
max depth during dive, dive time in minutes. The time count begins when you are entering the water.

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