Reseller Kit, RULES.


Important : YOU MUST REZ the "Heps Shop Web Lister", this will add you to the reseller list on this web site, with a link to your shop. This object is also a tipjar, 50% commissioned. You can choose some options (Hover text, rotation) by clicking it. This object checks your shop's presence every 48 hours to keep you listed.


Thanks for your interest, have fun playing the reseller.

To obtain Vendors and some Dealer & ShowRoom tools, just IM LouRavi Karas.




You must Own or Rent a shop. Only one HEPS Dealer on a SIM.


!!! Important !!!!!
For the attention of all Heps Dealers...please be aware that no commission is paid to you for purchases you personally make from your own Vendor. HOWEVER, you can go in Wyrldmaker, our main store, with your group tag "Heps Virtual Dive Systems Reseller" activated, you will have 40% discount on your purchase.



The Catalog Vendors by Hippo Technologies allows you to sell all of my 0oO HEPS Virtual Dive systems 0oO products listed in the Catalog Vendor and get 40% commission on the list price. The main products of my designs are SCUBA DIVING ITEMS, with great details and a complete system that will grow in a complete Diving Simulation System in a few time. You can use the HEPS products jut for fun and discover underwater world, or to learn/teach scuba diving in SL™ , with real time instruments, interactive CHAT commands... and many more features.



How It Works
- Rezz it anywhere you like (your Shop for example), or just Wear it (it is attached to Upper Left Leg and displayed in front of you) so you can see it and show it to your customer, even in "No Rez" lands.

- Grant it debit permissions (otherwise it cannot pay the owner of the objects sold through it)

- It will automatically connect to the my sales network and download product info (Just repeat this steps for each vendor you rezz - the vendors are copy, no modify and no transfer). Please refer to respective 'User Guide' for details.



On all sales, you earn 40% automatically - no manual crediting takes place, the vendor does it all for each sale. When a customer pays the vendor, they are paying you, as you're the owner of the vending machine. The machine will automatically calculate how much of that payment is your commission and debit the rest to pay me. If the product sold is L$500, for example, it goes like this:

1. Customer pays the vendor L$500 which is credited to your account.
2. Vendor calculates your commission (in this case L$200, at 40% commission).
3. The vendor then pays me the balance L$300, Hippo Technologies are also taking a small commission on my balance.



If you get questions direct from customers, as you'll be down as the owner of the vendor, please just forward the question to me or ask the customer to contact me in World or on http://www.SL™, and I'll take care of it.



Inventory updates are automatically sent to the vendor so it will be kept up to date when I add new items for sale, change the product images or change the product pricing. You don't have to do a thing!



I reserve the right to disable any vendor at any time for whatever reason. I reserve the right to ban an avatar from registering any vending machines with 0oO HEPS Virtual Dive systems 0oO server should the need arise. There will be no refunds. This will not be done unless a reseller acts contrary to the interest of the partnership and the interest of 0oO HEPS Virtual Dive systems 0oO.



Please refer to the 'User Guides' included or 'http://www.SL™' before IMing me with questions. If you have any question that is not covered above, just contact me and I'll be glad to help you out.


0oO HEPS Virtual Dive systems 0oO
LouRavi Karas

In the "Dealer Container" , you will find :


** 1 Heps Offcial reseller Cap ;-)


** 1 Heps Shop Web Lister


** 3 Vendor Boxes 40% Commissioned :

* 1 Box with Single item vendors
* 1 Box with Multi Panels Vendors (view 4 or 6 items at a time)
Note that all items are not in the single vendors.

The Vendors are Catalog vendors from HippoTech, 40% commissionned. (copy perm). The Shirt vendor is not commissioned, but shirts are sold 0 or 1L$.


** 1 Box with 2 Rent&Dive SPOT Sytems from HEPS (people can try the suits during a limited time) 50% commissionned


** 1 Trash & Cash Save our Seas game

** 1 Demo Mannikins Set, 5 boxes (temp rez)

** 4 textures for your shop

** 1 giant hard hat for you shop roof

** 3 Show Room Scuba Scooters

** 1 Vintage Depth Gauge.

** 1 SpearGun

** 1 Showroom Nitrox Tank

** A LandMark : 0oO Heps Item Redelivery ,Suboceana, this landmark is the place where your customers can go to have their object redelivred if they payed but had a delivery object failure. So, even if I am not online, they can get their object back.

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