Reseller Kit, RULES.


Important : YOU MUST REZ the "Heps Shop Web Lister", this will add you to the reseller list on this web site, with a link to your shop. This object is also a tipjar, 50% commissioned. You can choose some options (Hover text, rotation) by clicking it. This object checks your shop's presence every 48 hours to keep you listed.


Thanks for your interest, have fun playing the reseller.

To obtain Vendors and some Dealer & ShowRoom tools, just IM LouRavi Karas.


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Rent and Dive Spot Unit


Rent & Dive SPOT SYSTEM by HEPS Virtual Dive System



WELCOME to the Heps RENT & DIVE SPOTS System, the simpler way to try Scuba Diving before buying a complete set of Scuba Gear :

1 ) If the unit is SET to FREE mode by its owner, just left click it, otherwise right click the "L$" symbol to pay the amount you want. (Left click the "L$" symbol on the R&D Terminal and read the amount per minute in the CHAT. Multiply this by the amount of time you wish to spend on your dive).


2) You get a folder called "HEPS R&D Spot Scuba Gear", accept it. (if you own one already , you can cancel and use yours).


3) STAY NEXT TO THE RENTAL TERMINAL and Wear all that is in the folder. YOU MUST begin with the "_HEPS TIMER - -Wear me First", after this one, you can RIGHT CLICK on the folder in inventory and choose "ADD TO OUTFIT" for the remaining items.

4) Walk into the water and enjoy your dive with a fully functional HEPS Virtual Dive Systems BASIC set of Scuba Gear

At the end of the selected period of time (see the info. at the top left of your screen), you just auto-unwear your objects. (You may keep your clothes on ;-)
You can extend your time by paying the same terminal (or another terminal on your way) .


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Rent & Dive SPOT SYSTEM by HEPS Virtual Dive System



WELCOME to the Heps RENT & DIVE SPOTS System, a simple way to offer visitors and guests a chance to experience a dive using the best scuba gear made by RL divers. What a great way for people to try before they buy. RENT & DIVE SPOTS are kept updated by the creator for no additional charge.


There are two available modes:

>>>> Rent & Dive - People pay a few Linden$ per minute to use the scuba gear.

>>>> Free Dive – Owner pays to have an available R&D unit to provide an unlimited number of free scuba gears for 10, 20, 30 or 60 minute dives on the SIM.



Table of Contents:
1) Free Mode
2) Rent & Dive Mode
3) Your Publicity
4) Statistics
5) Common information
6) Free unit prices
7) Users Instructions


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The Reseller Kit comes with many multi-panel vendors, or 1 panel vendors having serveral items included.

In complement, you can REZ 1 prim - 1 panel vendors, to sell/show only ony item at a time.

Here are the Vendor's names you have to type in CHAT window, to configure your 1 panel vendors.

Just REZ an  "Heps 1 panel Vendor Ready 2Go", it will ask you a profile name in public CHAT, just type it and hit the enter key.


Speargun - Fusil sous Marin - Army

profile Name : _ArmySpeargun

Blacktip Reef Shark - Attack Shark

profile Name : _Blacktip Reef Shark - Attack Shark

BOX - Complete Scuba Set by HEPS - 40 items

profile Name : _BOX - Complete Scuba Set by HEPS - 40

BOX - Rescue Scuba gear

profile Name : _BOX - Rescue Scuba gear

BOX - Scuba Gear Basic - Pink Press

profile Name : _BOX - Scuba Gear Basic - Pink

Diving Helmet + Lights

profile Name : _Diving Helmet + Lights

Full Mask Tech Red

profile Name : _Full Mask Tech Red

HEPS - Rebreather

profile Name : _HEPS - Rebreather

BOX - Vintage Scuba Gear - Heavy Footer

profile Name : _HEPS Scuba Gear - Hard Hat

BOX - Scuba Gear Basic - Sculpted BCD

profile Name : _HEPS Scuba Gear - Sculpted

Heps Snorkeling Scuba Gear

profile Name : _Heps Snorkeling Scuba Gear

BOX - Black Equipment

profile Name : _HEPS_1rstXPerience_01

HEPS - SeaScooter - Black

profile Name : _Heps_Scooter_01

HEPS - SeaScooter - Black + Light

profile Name : _Heps_Scooter_02

HEPS - SeaScooter - Orange

profile Name : _Heps_Scooter_03

HEPS Speargun - Fusil sous Marin

profile Name : _Heps_ScubaGears

BOX - Scuba Gear Basic - Blue - Pressure Gauge

profile Name : _Scuba Gear Basic - Blue

BOX - Scuba Gear Basic - Blue + Girl OutFit - Gaug

profile Name : _Scuba Gear Basic - Blue + Girl OutFit

BOX - Scuba Gear Vintage (1950) Model

profile Name : _Scuba Gear 1950 model

Scuba Gear TECH - Diving Helmet

profile Name : _Scuba Gear TECH - Diving Helmet

Scuba Gear TECH - Full Mask - RED

profile Name : _Scuba Gear TECH - Full Mask - RED

ScubaScoot - NL

profile Name : _ScubaScoot - NL

ScubaScooter - Rezzer

profile Name : _ScubaScooter - Rezzer

Sea Turtle - 01 Rezzer

profile Name : _Sea Turtle - 01 Rezzer

Sea Turtle - 02 Rezzer

profile Name : _Sea Turtle - 02 Rezzer

Sea Turtle - 03 Rezzer

profile Name : _Sea Turtle - 03 Rezzer

Snorkeling Suit + Speargun 7s

profile Name : _Snorkeling Suit + Speargun 7Seas

Suboceana Camera C-010a BOXED

profile Name : _Suboceana Camera C-010a BOXED


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