HEPS is developping Games and Educational tools for Scuba Diving e-Learning and Dive Simulation systems.

HEPS choosed Second Life® (SL™ Avatar : Louravi Karas) to test new interactive Games and some experiment in Real Time intercation Second Life <===> Real Life, with its partners from Digital Oceans and Foundation Antinea/Oceanica TV.

Heps (and Suboceana, the RL brand associated) is part of the Digital Ocean Project, this project was winner in the Intraverse Awards 2009 in Monaco (R&D), winner (1st prize) in the international show/contest Laval Virtual, and a special citation in the World Intraverse Awards 2009, as the "most innovative virtual experience"... Also nominated in Laval Virtual 2010 (3rd International Exhibit after the SIGGRAPH of Los Angeles and Seoul).


Suboceana - Heps Virtual Dive Systems, Machinima dans Second Life


"Le Rubis", submarine, 60 meters long. Reproduction of the Real Life wreck from the French Riviera.

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